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Ble myosepta boundaries.ISRN Molecular Biology475 Length (m) Length (m) Uninjected4501400 Empty 95?8 kcnj2-12 WT kcnj2-12 95?8/WT kcnj2-0 Uninjected Empty 95?8 kcnj2-12 WT kcnj2-12 95?8/WT kcnj2-(a)(b)550 525 500 Length (m) 475 75 50 25 0 Uninjected EmptyWT kcnj2-(c)Figure 4: The average measurements of morphological features of 6 dpf embryos over-expressing 95?8 kcnj2-12, WT kcnj2-12, and combin

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