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Ibution of HIV-1 in CameroonSample ID BS01 BS02 BS03 BS04 BS05 BS06 BS09 BS10 BS11 BS12 BS13 BS14 BS16 BS18 BS19 BS20 BS21 BS22 BS23 BS24 BS25 BS26 BS27 BS29 BS30 BS31 BS32 BS35 BS38 BS39 BS40 BS42 BS43 BS44 BS45 BS46 BS47 BS48 BS49 BS50 BS51 BS53 BS54 BS55 gag gene CRF02_AG A-like G G CRF02_AG CRF02_AG CRF02_AG A1 CRF02_AG G CRF02_AG CRF02_AG CRF02_AG NDc CRF02_AG NDc CRF02_AG CRF02_AG CRF02_AG C

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