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The technology has led to the creation of several blockchain Technology-based platforms and applications, and at the moment, more blockchain-based systems are still being created.
TerraGreen is all about bringing power to the economy, the blockchain based peer to peer renewable energy Platform brings transparency and sustainability into the ecosystem and can directly link all the natural products to the consumers.
The native Blockchain of TerraGreen will allow the deployment of different DApps on the system. Since it is a platform for green energy, we do not support the
Blockchain in B2B explores wide possibilities of business expansions, be it excelling the operational excellence, enhancing the production or attaining the utmost security and reliability in the busin
EOS vs Ethereum - the most established and newest blockchain-based decentralized Smart Contract Platforms. This blog covers the key differences between EOS and the Ethereum network.
As per a Press Release published on Nov. 20, SWIFT India has collaborated with fintech firm MonetaGo to pilot distributed ledger (DLT) network designed
The South Korean Bar Association has called on the government to introduce blockchain regulations.
Japanese Tech Giant Sony has built a blockchain powered digital rights Management that may see a commercial rollout
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According to NAVIAR, This framework will help in using complex mechanisms with less computing power than other systems that demand otherwise, such as bitcoin protocols. Get more details from our article posted.
Blockchain technology is simple words for any layman to understand basic definition of Blockchain, how it helps and its current usage. Read on to get detailed explanation of Blockchain technology.
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Progressive technology is positively climbing triumph at an exceptionally fast rate. One of its incredible improvements is the evolution of #blockchaintechnology. As we can see today, #blockchain turn out to be a technology that rapidly emerges in the world.
The cryptocurrency wave is still rising and continues to prove magical by uniting people across the international boundaries. The crypto experts and analysts have declared 2018 as the best year yet for the activities happening in the cryptoland. The market is head on in capturing the complete digital and payment markets. For more details visit us: is an open source dofollow social bookmarking site. It is managed by an optimized content management system that lets you easily submit your valuable links in order to receive search engine traffic.