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While searching for information for the review of the movie "City of Death", I learned that during the filming there were several unpleasant incidents. Director Gregory Navo was threatened with death, one of the employees of the set was beaten by Mexican police, and recording equipment was even stolen. I was also able to find out that most of the so-called "dead women matters in Ju

Imagination Empire

Posted by kristoffersendelaney53 32 days ago (Editorial)
David Lynch is one of those artists whose works can either be unconditionally accepted or definitively rejected. The specific way of building a film structure and creating parallel, interpenetrating worlds requires the viewer to pay special attention and the ability to combine seemingly insignificant details. Some of these kinds of art fascinate, others seem hermetic and incomprehensible. In term
"Step Up" in 2006 re-started the fashion for dance films, thus opening - unfortunately continued - unfortunately - a series presenting the performances of dancers from "two different worlds", necessarily with a tragic thread through this division of the love of the two main characters. This pattern has been known for a long time, and the title of the flagship representative of
I love this guy, he has such a quick mind and sick imagination that even his unusual appearance does not predict who he is dealing with. To understand this, you must read at least one of his books, no matter which one. Be it "Animal Smash", "Carrie" or "Witches of Salem" the reader will get chills while reading, and his mind will change into a soft, pink, shaky mush.
Recently, it's really difficult to find a decent horror movie. It's not about some fantastic production, but about something at least good. I don't require the movie to be frightening, it just had the right atmosphere and wasn't a classic slasher with a schematic instead of a plot. These types of productions are created in large numbers in Hollywood, which is why I noticed the movie "Anxiety
David Cronenberg, after a good "History of Violence," took the cinema this time, you can say, gangster. "Eastern Promises", however, can not be compared in any way to "The Godfather" or Scorsese films - not this climate, not these realities and still not the level. A young, only 15-year-old Russian dies during childbirth.

The nurse of the Lo
The film "Boy A" was based on a book by Jonathan Trigell. It tells the fate of a young man who gets out of prison, where he ended up in childhood. His curator helps him return to a normal life. The plot is at a high level, and Trigell's work is a dream movie material. Director John Crowley will skillfully engage the viewer emotionally in watching. Andrew Garfield Cuba PicturesFilm Four
The words of Karol Irzykowski: "For man is man the greatest treasure and the most dangerous trap" could become the motto of the film "Lektor". The painting by Stephen Daldry touches upon the issues of youthful love and World War II. It would seem that it does not present anything insightful, interesting, after all, many films based on similar subjects have been created. Howeve
It is hard to find a good, strong sensational cinema today.

The genre that reigned in movie theaters in the first half of the 90s is now rather dying out. It was replaced by glittering action-style "Next" or "Wanted" sparkles and focused on violence slashers, all to satisfy the unrefined tastes of the teenage majority. In this situation, the huge succ
"I was only five years old - could I know what it meant to be a woman? I found out what it meant to be an African woman. It meant to suffer in silence, passively and helplessly, like a child" Waris Dirie. XXI century. Somalia. A place forgotten by the world and people.

There are no schools, shops, money or even homes. There is only dry soil, saturated with sand

Everyday evil

Posted by fieldpierce4 34 days ago (Editorial)
In the first part of his triptych "The Story of Bestiality", bearing the subtitle "Moment of Freedom", the Norwegian writer Jens Bjørneboe undertakes in-depth considerations about human nature, arriving, which is not surprising, not very amusing conclusions. He looks at the 20th century history from the perspective of a janitor in a small German town somewhere in the mo
Biography has recently been an extremely attractive topic for filmmakers. In November last year we learned the story of John Edgar Hoover, legendary head of the FBI ("J. Edgar"), and a month later Phyllida Lloyd introduced us to the silhouette of Margaret Thatcher ("Iron Lady"). However, the biography season began in October with Simon Curtis, presenting a story about a woman
I have to admit that the trailer of the movie "Phantoms" increased my appetite for this production. He presented an intriguing story in which the first violin was played by paranormal phenomena, which is rare when you look at recently released horror films. Slashers and gore predominate, and there are very few good ghost stories. Ergo "Ghosts" was a must-see screening for me,
"Rich, corrupt, amoral, ruthless." Such slogans can be found on the Polish poster for the movie Lone Scherfig. The creators could not have better understood the essence of the "Club for the Chosen". It is a production embodying the worst. So if you expect a nice and pleasant screening, this movie is certainly not for you. Matthew Beard, Sam Claflin, Douglas Booth, Ben Schnetze is an open source dofollow social bookmarking site. It is managed by an optimized content management system that lets you easily submit your valuable links in order to receive search engine traffic.