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Beauty Industry App Perfect365 is a beauty app that allows users to edit picture of themselves to create images that look. Go through our article for more information.
New York University (NYU) has now introduced a major in Blockchain Technology for its students. NYU claims to be the first university in the US to offer this course. The program will be provided by NYU’s Stern School of Business.
Brazil’s biggest Banks under investigation for monopoly in cryptocurrency trading. Get more information about monopoly in cryptocurrency trade read our blog.
Cinnober has developed in-house solutions and technology partnerships that make it a prime candidate for the tech-heavy Nasdaq Corporation. Know more about Cinnober from our current posted article.
To speed up cryptocurrence and pay faster, MasterCard is ready to use blockchain technology and makes it easy to secure, collect and access. Know more about such details from our posted article.
Will the Financial Services Agency conduct on-site inspections for listed exchanges of the enterprises? FSA has rejected 1 company and others withdrew their applications among the total of 160 companies.
From Vitalik Buterin understanding, he commented that the down-loaders did not make any agreement with the copyright owner. So how copyrights can be legitimate contractual agreements between consenting parties? questioned to Roger in the worldwide community.
Major virtual currencies of Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index slashed by 4.1% to 392.68 at 8:28am in London.
According to the researchers, world of cryptocurrency is passing through a harsh slump currently and needless to say. Know more about such news from our article below.
When it comes to being the payment hub and nestled technologies such as Equifax, First Data, NCR, FIS, Worldpay and Global Payments, the place for years is Atlanta. Thats why Schneider commented that Atlanta had become the “hotspot” for the emerging technological platform of bitcoin.
Want to know how Blockchain will be used as an evidence in China's court? The evidence will be sealed with time-stamped and immutable data generation process which allow the blockchain technology get an audible trail. Get latest updates now!
Besides the use of Bitcoin ATMs in numerous locations, the malware vendor is limited to English, German and Russian speaking markets. Know more about such information from our below post.
Approximately 36 percent of Americans were the ones to believe that there will be a near future which crowned a widespread cryptocurrency adoption in the economy at this point. know more details here.
In an interview Brian Armstrong said that "It makes sense that any company out there who has a cap table… should have their own token." Know more about what Brian said from our article below. is an open source dofollow social bookmarking site. It is managed by an optimized content management system that lets you easily submit your valuable links in order to receive search engine traffic.