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Thanks to peer pressure, children are asking for a handphone at a younger age.
It’s so common nowadays to see toddlers swiping iPad, playing games and watching videos on their parents’ smartphone.
Secondary schools in Singapore don’t provide school buses to send children to and from their homes.
In most schools, lifts have become an integral part of a modern and effective school ecosystem.
The Gifted Education Programme (GEP) aims to nurture gifted individuals and hone their skills. However, students not selected for this programme should not fret over it.
The PSLE is the culmination of six years of primary education. For the first time, the student will have to sit for his first national examination.
Childhood obesity is a severe and growing problem in Singapore. It is estimated that 34 percent of people aged 24 to 35 this year are expected to be diabetic by the time they reach 65, according to a study by Professor Chia Kee Seng, dean of the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health.
CCAs keep kids fit and healthy. They fall sick less. They concentrate better in class. Besides, CCAs are usually fun.
Primary schools should be agents of change. They should inculcate in children a passion to care for the environment.
“Since the school started in 2013, Riverside Primary School in Woodlands Crescent has never had a drinks stall,” said the school’s principal Mrs Sharon Siew.
Schools in Finland have 15-minute breaks for every hour. Finland ranks just below Singapore in the PISA scores, a worldwide study that evaluates educational systems.
Even the brightest student needs language to express himself, to make his thoughts understood, and also to understand abstract concepts.
Many parents find rebellious children too hot to handle. Communication and relationships break down, sometimes irreparably.
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