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Endless Opportunities- Disney is among the best companies to pursue a career in and they a have a reputation for hiring inside. If this is something you wind up doing than by all means take advantage of all of the terrific opportunities the program offers. Take the free classes, network like crazy, and as soon as you're done apply for the Professional Internships only available to CP Alumni. The

When you enter the 12,000-square foot shop you are immediately swept away to a tropical paradise with steel drums and calypso music playing softly in the background. Your eyes will probably be overwhelmed with the amount of seashells, gift items, nautical decorations and other sea related items.

Let me go back to when I was young and I first learned a
First you've got to figure out exactly when the Mardi Gras season is in New Orleans (or Louisiana as a whole) and plan accordingly. Every year the day itself (called Fat Tuesday) falls on a different date. This year it happens to be March 8, but that is the last day of the season. Mardi Gras season really begins approximately two weeks prior to Fat Tuesday.

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