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Manapantalu is Agriculture Community Provides Latest  Farming Techniques, Benefits of Fruits & Vegetables, Agriculture News & Updates. Watch Top Stories and Articles on Agriculture at
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India's Fastest Rummy site, recently launched a Leaderboard contest from Nov 1 – Dec 25 where players competed against each other to feature in the leaderboard. As expected the contest was very fierce right from the word go and the player kept on increasing their leaderboard points. The stakes were high

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Our weekly leaderboard race has been going from strength to strength since the day it was launched. The race with its competitive design, is drawing lots of players into it every week.

We believe that as an investor, you deserve better. That if you’re going to pay for expertise, you should receive better than average results. We never charge a fees unless you beat the market.
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Deccan Rummy has grown rapidly over the past several years, bringing players across India through our unique incentives and promotions. How we differentiate ourselves from others? Easy, this is not a job for us this is passion and dedication! We don't go to work and leave everything at the door on our way out; we take

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