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You've got to pay attention and listen to what she mentions that she likes - whether it is food, a certain kind of clothes or music, or a play that she wants to see. When she gives you a hint, act on it. It might turn out to be the perfect present!

Even if you find yourself buying new terra cotta pots to make this simple christmas decoration you shouldn't have to spend a
Kitchen towels, oven mitts, tablecloths and placemats - Again, this depends on your personal taste. If you really enjoy the idea of getting pine cones, elves or smiling Santas on everything from your placemats to your oven mitts, why not go for it? But if you happen to have a kitchen where you could use red, gold, green or silver accents throughout the year, go for the solid colored items.

When I was 21, I had my first actual experience, of what it means to be completely ME. I felt whole. At that moment, I had been living in the Sinai desert, in charge of the logistics of distinct archaeological excavations. For weeks I was alone - just the huge desert and me. I had time and space to see myself, as I am, and I loved myself.

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