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Specializing in rotary shoulder connections, casing and tubing, BPV Threads of all sorts and sizes. BP Precision is proud to hold a API 7-1 Threading for Rotary Shouldered Connections Monogram. Depending on our clients’ requirements and product blueprints, we produce custom threaded parts that are exact in specifications and superior in quality.

CNC Machining requires specialized knowledge and processes in all stages of product development, from prototype to manufacturing. With years of experience and highly advanced capabilities, we are confident we can handle extremely complex requirements for machines that are applied in a wide range of applications.

No matter the shape, size, dimension or material our water jet cutting machines enable us to get the job done with absolute ease. Applied to a wide range of materials such as copper, brass, titanium, marble, rubber, granite, glass, plastic, stone, ceramic, composite, tile, acrylic plus many more our water jet cutting machines work with extreme accuracy with very tight tolerances. If you're intere
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